Our Story

Nordenstjerne is a Copenhagen based fashion brand founded in 2021, committed to responsible fashion and transparency.

Nordenstjerne wants to be real and open about how its fashion business is operated, its value chain, decision-making processes and compromises. We want to counter greenwashing with fact-checked, realistic “best practices” that embrace a complex world.

Nothing is perfect. But by timeless designs we aim for garments that can be used and which will be used for many years. The aim is to stop overproduction, reflecting our goal of a greener, better tomorrow for the planet and all of us.

From Alissia - Founder and Fashion designer in Nordenstjerne

When designing sustainable clothing I find it important to look
beyond fashion. A well-designed style must look fabulous today, next year as well as in 10 years.

The history of fashion always inspires me. Knowing history makes it easy to get a clear picture of timeless shapes that will last for many years to come. Nature and its many shapes never tire me; people around me; a special mood; or just the right color. All of these can send me on a inner journey developing a new style. I rarely draw at first. Mostly, I do the main part of the design process in my head and only draw once everything is just right. I always experiment with small details, a different way of cutting the pattern, simplicity – and of course fit. Every design must have a great fit. Not only does it make the style comfortable; more importantly, it emphasizes the natural beauty and personal uniqueness of the person wearing it.

From Jacob - co-founder and materials scientist at Nordenstjerne

I got my Ph.D. in chemistry at Aarhus University, where I studied materials and climate technology. As a scientist it is crucial to look beyond the obvious and always ask "but how do we know?". You look for sources, data, at what other people have done. Based on that you form your own hypotheses. You never, ever make things up.

I am co-founder in Nordenstjerne because it angers me to see how so many in the fashion industry do exactly that: Make things up. Especially about being "green". There is an awful lack of seriosity and honesty, and I would really like to change that with our brand. The way to go is all about method: scientific method, source references, and tests of hypotheses. Assumptions are ok, and often necessary, as long as they are based on something real and measurable, and you adapt as you go along. What comes out is a set of "best practices"; not perfect practices. They do not exist. If nothing else then because of what is technologically possible. Our brand does not promise perfection, but we do promise transparency, reason, responsibility and seriosity. Qualities we hope may guide the fashion industry.