never out of fashion

Our Story

Nordenstjerne is a Copenhagen based fashion brand founded in 2021. It creates timeless and comfortable garments that transform easily to different daily purposes, while committing itself to the twin ideals of responsible fashion and transparency. Nordenstjerne sees a better, greener future as coming from being real, open and honest about how its fashion business is operated, its value chain and decisions.

About Us

The brand wants to exemplify how the fiction of greenwashing can be countered with a set of fact-based, conscientious and realistic “best practices” that embrace the complexity of the world – and can withstand challenge and scrutiny.

Nordenstjerne blends timelessness with the sophisticated and effortless. It believes that only by creating garments that can be used and which will be used for many years may the vicious cycle of overproduction in fashion be broken. The brand acknowledges an imperfect world where no perfect solutions exist. This is also true for fashion. However, good solutions do exist, by virtue of conscience, reason, rationality and – when
necessary – compromise. It believes in exposing these compromises and pointing out virtues as well as flaws in what it does. Only in this way may the genuine replace the convenient.